aboutThe Kankakee County Health Department was formed through Kankakee County Board resolution on December 3, 1985.

Promote, protect, and monitor the health of all people in the communities we serve.

Healthy people, thriving communities, achieved through innovative practices.

Integrity: We adhere to high ethical and professional standards in our work and relationships. We are honest in our daily interactions and value honesty in others.

Respect: We base all of our interactions with our clients/customers, partners and co-workers on the highest regard for each individual.

Quality: We provide our highest and best efforts in every aspect of our work and seeking ways to innovate and improve.

Compassion: We treat all co-workers and those we serve with compassion and kindness.

Competence: We strive for excellence in all that we do. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of performance and adhere to the principles of continuous quality improvement.

Teamwork: We commit to working together to overcome obstacles and achieve our mission.

Equity: We advocate for public health policies and programs that promote fairness, social justice, and cultural awareness

For after hours concerns and emergencies, please call: (815) 937-8479